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Acuvue 2

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Type: 1-2 Week Disposable Contacts
Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson Contact Lenses

Johnson & Johnson�s Acuvue 2 disposable contacts offer the wearer sharp, clear and comfortable vision along with an easy to use product that guarantees fresh lenses every time. Acuvue lenses are manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Contact Lenses with UV blocking to protect harmful UV radiation from entering the eye and visibility tinting has been applied to make the handling and application of the lenses a much smoother process. There are two wearing options to consider when using Acuvue 2 contact lens. The first option is to wear them continuously for one week, both while awake and asleep. The second option is to take them out nightly, which gives the wearer two weeks of daily use. At the end of the recommended wearing time the lenses are thrown in the trash and replaced with clean ones. 1-2 Week Disposable contacts assure that there are no deposits built up on the lenses which may cause irritation to the eye. Acuvue 2 contact lenses guarantee consistently clean and fresh lenses and have the added benefit of eliminating the hassle of cleaning and caring for your lenses.   Our inventory is one of the largest around.  Just click above to order!

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