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Proclear Compatibles

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Type: Monthly Disposable Contacts
Manufacturer: Biocompatibles Contact Lenses

Proclear Compatible contact lenses are designed as Monthly Disposable contacts to be worn as a daily lens for up to a month and discarded. Proclear Compatibles offer you great comfort and superior water retention by using revolutionary biocompatible material. Manufactured by Biocompatibles Contact Lenses using unique phosphorylcholine technology to minimize the amount of dirt and deposits built up on your lenses, Proclear Compatibles contact lens give you clear and comfortable vision throughout the day. For added convenience, Proclear Compatible contact lenses are made with a visible tint to assist you in the handling and application of your lenses. Proclear Compatibles are made of omafilcon A with a water content of 62%.   Our inventory is one of the largest around.  Just click above to order!

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